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Divider II by RBSRdesigns

Paw Print (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-LehreCOMMISSION WIPSPaw Print (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
See commission WIPs on my sketchblog!:
Commission WIPS are tagged by username and/or characters involved. Mini sketch commissions (a.k.a. $3/300-point or $6/600-point) are uploaded to my sketchblog only.

Last Updated: July 19th, 2015

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

1. Darthinion full-body marker/colored pencil of anthro Vitani and Zira Status: DONE & prepping to ship-PAID
2. Wolf-King45 Alyus, Sam & pups in cave pen sketch Status: Not Started-UNPAID

1. WolffNoelle bust badge of her fursona Stitches Status: Not Started-UNPAID
2. hinatasBFF (3) bust badges Status: Sketching-PAID

1. Wolf-King45 4 B&W sketches; 5 color sketches (2-full-body for all)-PAID Status: DONE (Not Uploaded Yet)
2. Wolf-King45 9 B&W sketches of "Once Upon a Time' chars as wolves (2 body-poses for all)-PAID Status: Not Started

Art Trades :bulletred:CLOSED
1. BreyerKat "Attack on Titan" chars as dogs Status: Inking; THEIR HALF DONE
2. heinz57 ("h3ize" on Twitter): traditional badge trade Status: DONE & prepping to ship; THEIR HALF DONE
3. Greykitty (FB): flat-color single char. Status: Not Started; waiting for their half
4. iambaylord/barracuda7160: pic of Stanley & Stanford from "Gravity Falls"; waiting for their half

Commission Pricelist & Guidelines

Please see my website for my Terms of Service/Commission Policies:…

:bulletorange:Interested in a Commission? Just send a note with this info & I'll send you a quote!:bulletorange:
Commission Type:
Headshot, Bust or Full?:
Background (Yes or No):
A Description of your Commission (the more specific/detailed, the better!):


:bulletpink:Extra/Optional Fees:bulletpink:
Shipping (for 9x12" commissions only; badge prices include shipping):
•+$4 (US shipping only)
Extra Details:
•+$5 per extra simple detail (wings, scales, some armor, etc.)
•+$10 per extra excessive detail (excessive armor, excessive clothing detail, cars, guns, etc.)
•Simple black-and-white/lineart background: +$5
•Detailed black-and-white/lineart background: +$6
•Simple colored background (gradient BGs, etc.): +$7
•Detailed colored background (forests, cityscapes, etc.): +$8

*Badges come laminated & hole-punched; lanyards not included; shipping is included
:bulletgreen:Status: ALWAYS OPEN
Headshot Badge: $5
Holiday Badges by Stray-Sketches
Bust Badge: $10
Stray Bust Badge by Stray-Sketches

*9x12" Commissions can be shipped for $4 extra!

Pencil Sketch
:bulletred:Status: CLOSED
Headshot/Bust: $3
Full: $6
+$1 per extra character
Fangirling The Fuck Out by Stray-Sketches

Pen Sketch
:bulletred:Status: CLOSED
Headshot/Bust: $6
Full: $8
+$3 per extra character
Til the End of the World by Stray-Sketches

:bulletred:Status: CLOSED
Headshot/Bust: $10
Full: $12
+$5 per extra character
Lucky You, Jake Long by Stray-Sketches

Colored Pencils
:bulletred:Status: CLOSED
Headshot/Bust: $15
Full: $18
+$7 per extra character
Blossoming Hearts-first remake by Stray-SketchesCommission-Stargazers by Stray-SketchesTravelers by Stray-Sketches

Markers & Colored Pencils
:bulletred:Status: CLOSED
Headshot/Bust: $20
Full: $25
+$8 per extra character
Gift-Attack on a Green Night by Stray-SketchesShimmering Stray by Stray-Sketches
Just giving everyone a head's up, I've returned to NY for the summer and am in the process of adjusting to life back at home.  I'll be spending the next few days/weeks unpacking and organizing my stuff as well as job-hunting, which means that commission progress is going to be a bit slow.

Feel free to message/note me with any questions or concerns you have regarding commissions or otherwise, but understand that it might take me a few days to get back to you.

1. Darthinion full-body marker/colored pencil of anthro Vitani and Zira Status: Ready for Inking-PAID
2. RamenWolf1485 (2) char. full-body w/ BG Status: Coloring (up to flat colors)-PAID
3. Wolf-King45 Alyus, Sam & pups in cave pen sketch Status: Not Started-UNPAID

1. WolffNoelle bust badge of her fursona Stitches Status: Not Started-UNPAID
2. hinatasBFF (3) bust badges Status: Not Started-PAID

1. Wolf-King45 4 B&W sketches; 5 color sketches (2-full-body for all)-PAID Status: DONE (Not Uploaded Yet)
2. Wolf-King45 9 B&W sketches of "Once Upon a Time' chars as wolves (2 body-poses for all)-PAID Status: Not Started

Art Trades Bullet; RedCLOSED
1. WolfHomeLuver98 Status: DONE; waiting for other half
2. BreyerKat "Attack on Titan" chars as dogs Status: Sketching; their half DONE


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

I draw everything from cartoons to characters to half-finished comics to fantasy and can't make up my mind what kind of artist I am, so I draw a bit of everything | Constantly searching for the good, the bad, the ugly and the whimsical about the animation and film industries (behind-the-scenes featurettes are my life) | Writer of books that take way too long to write | Adorer or all dogs (a.k.a. permanent puppies) | Tacky Goth gal with a particular aesthetic for Halloween-themed stuff, cemeteries, werewolves and quality Disney merch | Pongo and Perdita figurine collector | proud Disnerd | Gargirl of the Manhattan Clan


Archive Account

Website: | Sketchblog: | Print Shop: | Facebook: | Bookstore:… | Twitter:

Thank you so much for all the favs, comments & watches!

~Stray :heart:

Walt Disney * Doug Walker & Rob Walker * MCR (Gerard, Frank, Mikey, & Ray) * Greg Weisman * Don Bluth * Jillian Venters/The Lady of the Manners * Tia Maria Torres


Disney Stamp by poserfanI Love Animation Stamp by fear-the-brillianceThis is A I Love Cartoons Reprise by endlerStamp - Comics by AzraelleWormserWalt Disney-Stamp by kaitasticNostalgia Critic Transition Stamp by Airenu-ishDon Bluth stamp by SuperScoobyGirlDA Stamp - I Love Movies 01 by tppgraphicsGargoyles Fan Stamp by LeonaWindriderAmerican Dragon: Jake Long by KooroeWolf's Rain stamp by TollerkaI love Dinosaurs by WishmasterAlchemistSpirit by Hioderrodemolition lovers stamp by prince-kaiDragonHeart Stamp by KaidaTheDragon- N - E - O - N - by skinnyveestampWriter by Shadowed-MidnightProtected by Werewolves stamp by purgatoriDisney 101 Dalmations by TwilightProwlerCemetery stamp by princess-vampyDog-Lover by Snuf-Stamps

Message me a fandom you know I'm in (or ask if you don't know if I'm in it) & I'll tell you how I got into it!... 

8 deviants said feel free to ask about multiple fandoms...
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AmeThyst99 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heyyy, Stray! :3

Haven't talked in a while, how've you been?
bigfootRULES Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015  Student Writer
Hi Alexa.  I have an idea for a animated film. it's sort of an action adventure film that's sort of a mix of Indiana Jones, Balto and The Lost World.

it's set during WW2 and it's about a dog whose owner is a famous archeologist who wants to be like him. but then his owner was killed by Nazis while exploring a lost valley filled with prehistoric animals. that's pretty much what I got so far.
jlfurry Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015
Sorry the delay, Happy birthday! ^^ :D
I love your art, it's really amazing. :D I like traditional art a little more than digital.
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